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22nd-Apr-2017 03:08 pm - [sticky post] Moving Day: On To Dreamwidth.
Sword & Microscope 1

Henceforth, I can be found at warriorsavant.dreamwidth.org (Yeah, keeping the 'warriorsavant' moniker. Partly because that's me, even if haven't been a warrior lately (and questionably if a savant), and partly because too busy to think of another clever name.) For the meanwhile, will crosspost to LJ, but comments only on DW.

Why am I moving? Mostly (as we say in the vernacular) Imma follow my peeps.

Why is everyone moving? If I understand correctly, LJ is owned by a Russian company, and has been for a number of years. Last December they finally moved the last of the servers to Russia, which means they are now obligated to follow Russian censorship laws. Russia is cracking down on political blogs, but also have pretty restrictive laws on LGBTQ content, etc. Technically anyone using LJ is bound by those Russian laws. For the new TOS (terms of service), the English translation is not legally binding but the Russian one is, which means non-Russian speakers (eg me and most people I know) accepted a TOS that we cannot read, which was the last straw for many. Let me point out that it is not unreasonable for a Russian site to say that the Russian-language TOS (which is a contract) is the legally binding one. I'm in Quebec, where the French language version of a law is what is legally binding. That is, if I thought I was following the law because I read a bad English translation (even if it was the official governement translation), and the original French language version was different, well, that's my problem. Same for any country. The "World" Wide Web isn't. A site hosted in a country, even a repressive one, has to follow the laws of that country.

Would that really effect LGBTQ posting on LJ? Probably not. However people are moving because everyone on various websites are up in arms about LJ is now a tool of the evil, anti-LGBTQ Russian gov’t or something. No, I don’t support that, but (a) this is not verified, (b) I have larger reasons to detest the Russian govt (conquering part of Ukraine; fomenting armed rebellion in other parts of Ukraine; supporting Assad and Kim, the two current world chaps for massacring their own people, one of who is using chemical warfare on them), (c) if I got righteously and wrathfully indignant over everything that every website insists I should be righteously and wrathfully indignant over, I’d have to clone myself 100 times and still not have enough hours in the day. So why am I considering moving? Partly because might be true (and all the other reasons to detest the Czarist Govt), plus everyone I know on LJ seems to be moving, so I don’t want to lose my vast, dedicated cadre of followers (either of you).

See you on Dreamwidth.

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Springtime in Canada
Some years back, to get a passport in Canada, you had to have it signed by a "guarantor " someone who knew you for at least 2 years, held a Canadian passport and was considered a respectable member of civil society, such as post master, school principal, or physician. I was happy to do it, was kinda cool. Later, for a while, I didn't have a Canadian passport (the US Army felt it was incompatible with my having a US security clearance), so couldn't anymore. By the time I got out of the Army and again got a Canadian passport, they had changed the rules to make it more egalitarian (or something), and any Canadian citizen and passport holder could do it.

Something similar about marriages. (Touched on this around time I married Nom, but bears repeating because analogous.) Years ago marriages could only be officiated by clergy. In New France, that meant Roman Catholic, later any clergy. Later, any clergy or civil official (eg a judge). In Quebec, following a form of French Civil Code, you could also be married by a Notary. (Note: In Roman-derived systems, a Notary is not just someone who witnesses signatures, a Notary is a type of Lawyer. Notaries do non-contested legal matters, such as wills and deeds, somewhat like an English Solicitor.) More recently, the option for "presiding official" was broadened to "any citizen in good standing." (I think "good standing" means "not currently in jail.") If you went that route, you submitted the name to city hall, they checked the standing of said citizen, then sent him the "how to" guide. We were originally going to have Nom's brother do it, but then had second thoughts. First of all, no telling how long it would have taken city hall to get the documents to BIL. Second, although he's a bright man, he's never done this, and we didn't want to risk he'd make some minor but crucial error in the bureaucratic paperwork. In the end, we had my Notary come to our place and do the legal parts ceremony (not to mention all the paperwork). I actually rather liked that we were taking part in a "traditional" way of doing things. In addition to the bits of Buddhist ceremony, Jewish ceremony, and jumping over the broom. (Yup, married x 4, and all to the same woman.)

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19th-Jul-2017 08:34 pm - Jul 19. Obsessional? Who, her?
It will come as no surprise to my Gentle Readers that I'm a "wee bit" obsessional. Part is my medical training, part is my Army background, and part is, well, uh, just always been that way. Believe it or not, Evil Secretary is worse than I am.

Most of our billing is paperless/cashless via the Quebec Medicare system. There are some sundry charges. Even today, some people actually pay cash for them (ask your grandparents, younger generation), plus there's always some need for petty cash in an office, so we always need to have on hand a number of small bills. For time-to-time, when I'm at the bank, I pick up a packet of small bills. Banks usually give you the money all facing the same way, and ordered by denomination. (Although I've noticed they've been getting lazy about that "all facing the same way" thing. Bah humbug on modern life, those slackers.) One time, some years back, I'd dropped the envelope of neatly-arranged bills, and being a hurry, just stuffed them back in willly-nilly. When I got to the office and handed them to Evil Secretary, she accused me of deliberately messing up the order to play with her head. No, I didn't have the time to do that. She then immediately started to put them in order. At that time, Canada was in the middle of changing over the design of the bills, so there were two different versions of most denominations in circulation. I realized that she was not only facing them all alike, and putting them in order of denomination, she was separating the old and new billls of the same denomination. I laughed at her for that.
"Oh, like you don't in your wallet?" she asked indignantly.
"I don't believe you," she scoffed.
"I don't believe you. Give me your wallet."
I handed her my wallet. She actually pulled all the money out of it, and rearranged it. She wasn't joking, it really bugged her that my wallet wasn't in the "proper" order. I almost fell on the floor laughing.

Today, I brought in another packet of small bills for petty cash (all $5's of current design). She grabbed it and started checking if it was in order, "good, you lined them up already."
"It came that way from the bank. What are you going to do now, put them in order of serial number?"
"No," she scoffed. A moment's quiet shuffling of paper. "Hey, they are in order of serial number." She was actually delighted - and yes, she had actually checked when I'd teased her.
I looked over the bills. They were sequentially numbered. They must have been from a series of new bills that were being put into circulation. Regardless, it actually made her day that the pettty cash was in perfect order for once.

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17th-Jul-2017 03:18 pm - Renovations: woodgrain and fantasy
Part of the beauty of the house was the old woodwork. Well, once you stripped away a century of varnish and grime. You can really appreciate the depth and pattern of the woodgrain. Here's some of the doors (it's the end of the main hallway, powder room on the left, wardrobe on the right, which is the one with the more interesting woodgrain).

Picture 1 - long viewCollapse )

Coming in a little closer, you can really start to appreciate the beauty of the woodgrain

A bit closerCollapse )

Coming in still closer, your mind's eye actually makes it look like imagines of something, like you "see" in tree grain, or clouds. (Sorry, this one's a little out of focus, but you can still get the impression.)

Closer still, your eyes play tricks on you.Collapse )

I think I mentioned that this is a wardrobe door. In fact, it's a double-ended wardrobe. One door opens to the front hallway, the other opens to the family room. So in fact, it's a wardrobe that is also a passage. Sound familiar?

Look againCollapse )


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15th-Jul-2017 08:16 pm - Angela Lansbury
Books (Trinity College Library)
(Wrote this 2 months ago and forgot to post it.)
Read Rob Edelmar & Audrey E. Kupferberg's Angela Lansbury: A Life on Stage & Screen. I found it on the used book table maintained by the volunteers at JGH. Not bad, but a little prone to breathlessly discussing famous actors and such that Lansbury had interacted with, who are totally unknown to me.

Lansbury is perhaps best known for her role as Jessica Fletcher in the long-running TV series Murder She Wrote, but her career spanned more than 70 years. I loved Murder She Wrote, but rather forgot about Lansbury when it went off the air. Then some years back, I saw a Broadway production of Blythe Spirit with CSM, WWC, and Dad. (Eight-ten years ago? Possibly posted about it then.) We frequently went to shows when CSM & I were in town for Army Reserve weekends, and picked Blythe Spirit for 2 reasons: WWC had been in an amateur production 20(?) years before that, and (b) Angela Lansbury! It was a rather low energy part, but she was in her 80's by then. Reading the Playbill, I realized that the first time Lansbury had been on Broadway was the year I was born.

She came from a family of actors and politicians, of English and Irish descent, later coming to the US (originally to avoid the Blitz in London). One the first fulltime performing gigs she had was a 6 week cabaret run in Montreal. She never played the ingénue, lacking classic beauty, but played just about everything else, from bit part to character actor to star, on stage, big screen, and TV. From all accounts received, as a person she was also a class act.
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13th-Jul-2017 12:37 pm - Ste Anne's. Mood sombre.
I'm writing this during my lunch break on my monthly consulting at Ste Anne's (veterans hospital). It's effecting me today for some reason (coming down sick? kids fussy? not enough sleep? thinking about my dad? feeling my age? all of the above?)

I look often look at the page in the patients file that briefly mentions their wartime (WW II) service. One wrote laconically in a shaky hand, "43 trips to Germany in a Lancaster" (heavy bomber). That's 43 chances to die screaming, falling through the air with your body on fire. Others were on the ill-fated raid on Dieppe, or landed at Normandie. Enjoy your trip to the beach, every square inch has more guns targeted on it than any place ever in the history of the world. Don't worry about applying sunscreen, you won't live long enough to need it.

But they did live. Lived through a hell that makes my 32 years of service look like a walk in the park. Lived to become old, infirm, often demented, wearing diapers, unable to stand up unaided. Do I weep for their past and present, or my future, or for all of us. Sic transit gloria miles. Crossposted from %%https://warriorsavant.dreamwidth.org Please comment there.
12th-Jul-2017 09:34 pm - Adorableness #32516304
Hedgefund is often slow to warm up to doing things. When she does do finally do something, we encourage and applaud her, "Bravo, Hedgefund, bravo!" I think it initially took me 15 minutes to teach/get her to go down a slide. Now she adores it. She also adores playing with rocks. Today she was on a kiddie slide, which like many such, had two slides next to each other. She was going down one while 'teaching' her rock to go down the other. When it 'successfully' reached the bottom, she praise it, "Bravo, rock, bravo!" She does have a strong nurturing side.

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8th-Jul-2017 07:06 am - Early morning storm
Space-horsehead nebula
Just light out enough to see the rain pounding down outside my windows. Lightning flashing, thunder crashing, trees whipping in the wind. Moving away now, but a few minutes ago was centered right over our building. Beautiful. Part of me wanted to be out in it and be part of the storm.

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7th-Jul-2017 10:25 pm - Wall-street and career choice
As his moniker indicates, Nom is planning a career in high finance for him. I'm planning on the Army and Medicine.
Kids always have their own ideas. It's beginning to look like fashion design. I was holding him, and he was drooling on my shirt. Systematically. He work up some saliva, then press his face for against my shirt, then repeat it in another spot. Haut coutrier. Either that, or he was marking me as his. At least he wasn't piddling on me. Oh wait, he's done that too. Sigh. Time will tell.

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6th-Jul-2017 11:27 am - Eggendum
Sword & Microscope 1
Mentioned the small/hobby farm raised eggs my patients gave me. Tried them over the weekend. Wow! What a difference. Just looking at them when they were cracked open showed a difference. The whites were less runny, and the yolks a deeper color. That can be from the strain of chickens or maybe the feed (where I was in Japan in 2011, the yolks were orange), but could also have just shown their higher quality. The taste was definitely richer than supermarket eggs, and I was more full after eating them. In past I've also had butter from small farms, and that too had a richer and fuller taste.

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