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22nd-Apr-2017 03:08 pm - [sticky post] Moving Day: On To Dreamwidth.
Sword & Microscope 1

Henceforth, I can be found at warriorsavant.dreamwidth.org (Yeah, keeping the 'warriorsavant' moniker. Partly because that's me, even if haven't been a warrior lately (and questionably if a savant), and partly because too busy to think of another clever name.) For the meanwhile, will crosspost to LJ, but comments only on DW.

Why am I moving? Mostly (as we say in the vernacular) Imma follow my peeps.

Why is everyone moving? If I understand correctly, LJ is owned by a Russian company, and has been for a number of years. Last December they finally moved the last of the servers to Russia, which means they are now obligated to follow Russian censorship laws. Russia is cracking down on political blogs, but also have pretty restrictive laws on LGBTQ content, etc. Technically anyone using LJ is bound by those Russian laws. For the new TOS (terms of service), the English translation is not legally binding but the Russian one is, which means non-Russian speakers (eg me and most people I know) accepted a TOS that we cannot read, which was the last straw for many. Let me point out that it is not unreasonable for a Russian site to say that the Russian-language TOS (which is a contract) is the legally binding one. I'm in Quebec, where the French language version of a law is what is legally binding. That is, if I thought I was following the law because I read a bad English translation (even if it was the official governement translation), and the original French language version was different, well, that's my problem. Same for any country. The "World" Wide Web isn't. A site hosted in a country, even a repressive one, has to follow the laws of that country.

Would that really effect LGBTQ posting on LJ? Probably not. However people are moving because everyone on various websites are up in arms about LJ is now a tool of the evil, anti-LGBTQ Russian gov’t or something. No, I don’t support that, but (a) this is not verified, (b) I have larger reasons to detest the Russian govt (conquering part of Ukraine; fomenting armed rebellion in other parts of Ukraine; supporting Assad and Kim, the two current world chaps for massacring their own people, one of who is using chemical warfare on them), (c) if I got righteously and wrathfully indignant over everything that every website insists I should be righteously and wrathfully indignant over, I’d have to clone myself 100 times and still not have enough hours in the day. So why am I considering moving? Partly because might be true (and all the other reasons to detest the Czarist Govt), plus everyone I know on LJ seems to be moving, so I don’t want to lose my vast, dedicated cadre of followers (either of you).

See you on Dreamwidth.

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25th-Sep-2017 10:09 pm - Useful misc stuff for field
Signpost Ft. Benning
Was packing, found on a top shelf, and finally (with some pangs) threw it out. It a small vinyl bag (about the size of a men's toiletry case, which it might have started life as, say 8"x4"x2"). Over my time in the Army, I'd used that keep those little items for field use/deployment, that are not on any packing list, but every experienced Soldier knows are useful (not, not chocolate or ladies of the evening). The items changed slightly over the years. Some were super-useful, some never used, but it's a good list to know. Presented (in alphabetical order) for my nostalgia, & your use and edification:
• carabiner clip
• chem light
• duct tape (not a big roll, just a few dozen feet)
• ear plugs
• foot powder
• insect repellent
• knife-fork-spoon (camping type)
• leatherman tool or swiss army knife
• lighter and/or waterproof matches
• marker pen
• mini-fan
• mirror
• padlocks
• parachute cord (thick nylon cord, also called 550 cord)
• plastic bags
• safety pins
• sewing kit
• small flashlight (originally a mini-maglite, later LCD light)
• spare AA batteries
• sunscreen
• tags and twist ties
• toilet paper (little packets)
• water purification tabs
• whistle
• wipes

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24th-Sep-2017 02:54 pm - Packing, family, and coffee
My FIL has been helping us pack. He's a really nice man, and I'd probably find him great to have long conversations with, except: he's very shy, and there's a huge language barrier. He was an engineer, so very organized, and when he gets going, very efficient.

I know he packed some of the kitchen stuff. Was going to make myself a coffee yesterday, but couldn't find the decorative can where I keep the coffee. I think he packed it, coffee and all. He swears he didn't pack it and that the kids probably took it. I'd ask them but WS is only semi-verbal and HF would blame WS as a matter of course. I went out and bought a cappuccino and a small bag of grind, but I'm sticking with my first thought which is FIL already packed the coffee and I'll fing it when we move.

I used to be hyper-efficient about packing. This time the packing is going slowly. Secondly, there's way more stuff. Firstly, I've been very busy, very sick, and oh yeah, all those kids underfoot. Kids! Like Hedgehogs, they're no help at all.

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22nd-Sep-2017 10:59 am - Sad. Moving
The contractor told us he was finished. The house is being cleaned as I type this. We went to look at it yesterday. Moving soon. Should feel exciting and happy, but feeling very sad.

Many reasons for this: we've been renovating so long it feels like my normal life to be doing that; moving itself is a hassle (although have done so many times before, have more stuff now); this is the only home the kids have ever known and don't know how they will adapt; I've been living here for 12? 14? years now and am used to it and comfortable; I'm a city boy through-and-through, and the condo feels more urban versus the house being more suburban (they're only 8 minutes drive apart, but half-hour walk and in very different neighbourhoods, things more convenient near condo); the house is much bigger and I rather like everything close at hand, rather than possibly 2 floors away; this is likely my last move ever so has a certain grim finality to it.

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20th-Sep-2017 01:00 pm - Clothes, growth, and poignancy
We just gave away some baby stuff to friends who are planning a family. ("Planning" is a fraught word, but no matter, the female half was Nom's bff from work.) We'd given away stuff to a neighbor some months back when they had their baby, but this was the first time giving away baby clothes. Nom was all misty-eyed, and I was all "yeah, whatever, let's just get it out of the condo now so one less thing to move"... until I saw Hedgefund's favorite little pink jacket. She only wore it for over half her short life. She still has her favorite little red and white dress, except now it's her favorite little red and white shirt. Mist.

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15th-Sep-2017 11:15 am - Ste Anne's
I've posted that it's changed from a pure veterans hospital to a mixed civilian/veteran long term care unit. That's sad for me. Perhaps sadder still are the vets themselves aging so much. Even 2-3 years ago when I started, I could have conversations with some of them. Not long conversations, and I don't really have a lot of time for chit-chat with patients anyhow, but some sort of conversations. Now more and more of them just aren't there mentally anymore. The nurse who works with me, said that 10? 20? years ago, it was fun. They still had open wards instead of all private rooms, and the evenings frequently like social gatherings: movies, popcorn, singing, and likely smuggled beer. (In fact, when the Feds ran it as a pure veterans hospital, they did get a nightly alcohol ration of 1 drink if they wished.) I remember when I was an Intern at Portsmouth Navy Hospital, there were also open wards, and there was a certain camaraderie with the patients. For everyone, interns, nurses, corpsmen, and patients, it was just another duty station. (However, no camaraderie with the more senior residents and staff - very vicious place in that sense.) From what the nurse was telling me, it was rather the same atmosphere years ago at Ste Anne's. No longer. It's a much sadder place now and in some way, we all come there unless we die young.

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14th-Sep-2017 08:24 pm - HF & Daycare/socializing
She's adapting quicker than we thought/feared. She has a friend she plays with - as much as 3-1/2 year olds really play together. I little boy. She has a friend who's a boy. She has a boy friend? A boyfriend??!!! Arggggghhhhhh. (Okay, I'm over it now.)

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10th-Sep-2017 02:17 pm - Varia
Was in a coffee shop the other day, sipping my coffee and doing some work. In the background could hear the two young women at the counter chatting. (Um, yeah, “barristas.” Or is that barristae if plural female?) They were agreeing that their respective parents were pretty cool for old people... y’know, ppl in their 40’s. *waves his cane at the young whippersnappers and demands they get off the lawn*

Looks like we are moving end of the month. Finally. After all this time, doesn’t seem real, and I’m almost dreading it. Not the move itself (although that will be a pain), but I’ve adapted to being where I am. We’ve adapted to being here. It’s a little tight, but that’s also good, in that everything is near at hand. Feel like in place 2+ times as large, we’re going to be rattling around and losing things (including possibly children). I know the kids will take a little while to adapt, although Hedgefund has been clear for quite a while that the green room is hers. Anyhow, have moved enough times in my life that one more time won’t be a big deal. (After that, the next move will be to the morgue, and hopefully not any time soon.) And no, we are not getting a cat (or seventeen).

Am reading Alexander McCall Smith’s Emma. He’s the author of a number of popular books, including No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency series (like many series, excellent for the first several books, then got repetitive). It is Jane Austen’s Emma recast in modern times. So far, so good. I mean Jane Austen & Alexander McCall Smith, how can you go wrong. Haven't done much recreational reading for a while, but past month or so, got back into it, mostly light reading, especially detective stories. Crossposted from %%https://warriorsavant.dreamwidth.org Please comment there.
5th-Sep-2017 08:12 am - Summer?
Autumn-upstate NY
What happened? Despite the jokes ("we have 2 seasons: winter and Canada Day weekend"), we actually usually do have a summer in these parts. Not so much this year. Was rainy and a bit cool. Had a few hot, humid days, but nothing really much, and seems like the last one was a week or two ago. I don't mind it that much, I don't deal well with heat anymore. I was fine when I spent a few years in hotter climates (Virginia, Okinawa, S. Carolina, Indian Ocean), and during that period lost my tolerance to cold. Now I'm fine with cold, can't stand heat. Okay, really don't like extremes of either much. A constant 22º (72º F) would be fine thank you. I think I need to live in a space station, or a shopping mall, or just never go outside. Hope those renos are done soon, I'm getting tired of living in a tent.

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4th-Sep-2017 07:26 pm - Renos
Speaking of renovations, yup, still grinding on. I think I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's probably an on-coming train. Really wanted house finished before I started work on the office renovations, but have to suck it up. Two sets of renovations on top of everything else might explain my somewhat frazzled state.

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