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22nd-Apr-2017 03:08 pm - [sticky post] Moving Day: On To Dreamwidth.
Sword & Microscope 1

Henceforth, I can be found at warriorsavant.dreamwidth.org (Yeah, keeping the 'warriorsavant' moniker. Partly because that's me, even if haven't been a warrior lately (and questionably if a savant), and partly because too busy to think of another clever name.) For the meanwhile, will crosspost to LJ, but comments only on DW.

Why am I moving? Mostly (as we say in the vernacular) Imma follow my peeps.

Why is everyone moving? If I understand correctly, LJ is owned by a Russian company, and has been for a number of years. Last December they finally moved the last of the servers to Russia, which means they are now obligated to follow Russian censorship laws. Russia is cracking down on political blogs, but also have pretty restrictive laws on LGBTQ content, etc. Technically anyone using LJ is bound by those Russian laws. For the new TOS (terms of service), the English translation is not legally binding but the Russian one is, which means non-Russian speakers (eg me and most people I know) accepted a TOS that we cannot read, which was the last straw for many. Let me point out that it is not unreasonable for a Russian site to say that the Russian-language TOS (which is a contract) is the legally binding one. I'm in Quebec, where the French language version of a law is what is legally binding. That is, if I thought I was following the law because I read a bad English translation (even if it was the official governement translation), and the original French language version was different, well, that's my problem. Same for any country. The "World" Wide Web isn't. A site hosted in a country, even a repressive one, has to follow the laws of that country.

Would that really effect LGBTQ posting on LJ? Probably not. However people are moving because everyone on various websites are up in arms about LJ is now a tool of the evil, anti-LGBTQ Russian gov’t or something. No, I don’t support that, but (a) this is not verified, (b) I have larger reasons to detest the Russian govt (conquering part of Ukraine; fomenting armed rebellion in other parts of Ukraine; supporting Assad and Kim, the two current world chaps for massacring their own people, one of who is using chemical warfare on them), (c) if I got righteously and wrathfully indignant over everything that every website insists I should be righteously and wrathfully indignant over, I’d have to clone myself 100 times and still not have enough hours in the day. So why am I considering moving? Partly because might be true (and all the other reasons to detest the Czarist Govt), plus everyone I know on LJ seems to be moving, so I don’t want to lose my vast, dedicated cadre of followers (either of you).

See you on Dreamwidth.

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9th-Dec-2017 04:22 pm - Tidbits
Signpost Ft. Benning
➢ Are sending out letters to patients telling them the new address. Should be moving the office in just over a month. For a few that I keep thinking, "maybe I won't send this one a letter…" Can't really do that, but for some people, I have to hold onto my professionalism with both hands.
➢ The weather teased us with a few nice days, now back to winter. Why don't I set up shop in the southern hemisphere for 6 months out of the year.
➢ In between those two is the fact that hard to determine if a lesion is hot to the touch if this is your first patient of the day, and you've just come in from outside. Gloves or no, hands are too cold to be sensitive. Had to tell her to wait until I saw anoth
➢ Dang it, stop wishing me "Happy Holidays," when (a) the phrase is "Merry Christmas" (even for we non-Christians), and (b) it's still November*. Gonna boil someone in their own plum pudding and bury them with a stake of holly through the heart.
➢ My accountant has his annual scotch tasting. Even bigger this year, with food. For him, it's a company-sponsored event (good will for employees and clients) which gives him a chance to hold court and drink scotch. He's quite sociable and great to talk with. For the invitees, it's a chance to… socialize (even I manage) and drink scotch.
➢ I'm secretly Sheldon Cooper. Well, Nom is. Well over a year ago, she ordered the kid's shower curtain. It displays the Periodic Table of the Elements (in lovely shades of brown, so even goes with the décor. Finally got it hung; it looks great. However, if I ever did shower in their, Tom Lehrer's Periodic Table of Elements would be running through my head**, not to mention C.J. & the PhD's Periodic Table of Elements.***

*Clearly jotted this one down a coupla weeks ago. I think I can start wishing people Merry Christmas by the middle of next week.
**Our neice was very proud of having memorized that, and was astounded that I'd heard of it.
***Not likely you'd heard of them. Probably all wanted to be Tom Lehrer when they grew up. I knew them in Virginia back when I was an Intern. They had originally formed the band as graduate student, singing humorous & satirical songs for beer money on the weekends (eg Nuke the Whales). By the time I heard them, they were only doing this for old time's sake, having all graduated and gone onto real jobs - well, except for one guy who had a little too much "fun" in the '60s and didn't have the brain power left.
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5th-Dec-2017 08:15 pm - Dogs & Cats
Sword & Microscope 1

(I'll get to a more serious post one of these days, whenever it is I have the time & energy.)

My family are cat people. (There's a reason my sister is WWC = Woman With Cats*, which is a politer way to say Crazy Cat Lady.) My brother had a dog once, but I think that was by accident. My immediate family don't have either, and not just because I generally tell the kids that we eat dogs**; keeping pets is just not a VN custom.

There are two problems with dogs. First and foremost, since I don't live in the countryside, they have to be walked and pooper-scooped. Although rather used to cleaning up excrement these days, have no real interest in taking an animal for a walk several times/day regardless of the weather. (See numerous rants about the "seasons" in this country.)

Second, is their attitude. It's great. It's too good. It's cloying. "Hiya. I love you. I really love you. Really really. Do you love me? Huh? Do you? Do you love me? Say you love me. Because I really, really, really love you. So you love me, right? Hmmm? You do, don't you? You love me, right? How much do you love me? Etc, etc." Usually while drooling on you. I've dated people like that. Briefly. Very, very briefly.

Cats are usually accused of being aloof, but more a question of their being chill. "What? You wanna hang out? Yeah, okay, that would be cool, just don't crowd me too much." What's really more amusing this their 'ignoring' you. "I'm ignoring you now. Okay? Got it? I'm paying no attention whatsoever to you. I'm not even talking to you right now, I just want it clearly understood that I'm completely and totally paying not the slightest mind to you. It's like you're not even here" (while sitting in your lap). "Hey, don't turn around. Look at me! How can I be ignoring you if you are not paying attention to me. Yes, that's right, scratch my back, but I'm paying no attention to that either." "Where are you going? The other room? I'm going there too, but that's completely coincidental. In fact, it was my idea first, so let's go into the other room - entirely separately - while I ignore you there." (Hmmm, probably what my kids will be doing when they are teenagers.)

*The term is taken from one of Lawrence Block's Bernie Rhodenbarr, The Burgler Who… novels. The point is that if you have one cat, you have a cat; two keep each other company; three or more (and WWC has variably but considerably more), you are a Woman With Cats. The character saying this (who has 2 cats) concedes that it is sexist in that it doesn't apply to men. I have no strong opinion on that latter statement, but would look askance at a man with 3+ cats also.
**Started as teasing my relatives about the VN words for "lunch" and "dog" were the same. Hedgefund was scared of dogs for quite a while, which she picked up from her ba ngaoi. To help her get over that, I kept telling her "we eat dogs, yum, yum, yum." She'd repeat it back, and after a while, it helped. Not perfect, but she bring herself to touch a small dog recently, so make fun of it all you want, it worked.

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3rd-Dec-2017 07:43 am - Earworm
Sword & Microscope 1

Last time we were visiting Nom's bro & family, our nieces asked us if we'd ever heard of this really cool old TV, then sang a bit of the theme music. Friends. A show that has been off the air since before they were born. Was never a big fan. Never really a big TV watcher at all, but used to rarely watch it with GoTV. (Wow, haven't thought about her in quite a while*.) During my first - no, make that second - deployment in 2002-2003 (beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom - an operation named without conscious irony), we were stuck for over a month waiting to rotate home. We'd already turned over operation of the hospital to our replacements, and were just sitting around Camp Doha doing nothing. (Since we'd actually gotten there before almost any other units, we were supposed to be the first going home, but they hadn't worked out how to send units home yet.) There was a small DVD lending library, and after having seen everything I actually liked, I borrowed the entire first season of Friends. Someone seeing me do that comments, "Wow, sir, you're really bored, aren't you." Yeah, that about described it.

Anyhow, since the nieces mentioned it, the darn theme song has been running through my mind. Oh well, all earworms eventually die.

*For the Gentle Readers new-ish to this blog, that was my ex-. There's no residual animosity. We were friends for a while, but have moved on. I don't like to fail at anything, and a break-up is a form of failure, so some tiny part of me will always be sorry about that, but considering how great life turned out for me (married to Nom!), on the balance quite happy.

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29th-Nov-2017 07:31 pm - Dribs and Drabs
Sword & Microscope 1

1. Silly people. I frequently tell the young'uns that they are silly children. Tonight, I spilled a glass of water, and muttered something like, "silly Papa." Hedgefund responded that "we're all silly in this house." Uh, yeah kid. Astute of you to notice.

2. That makes sense. I noticed that my office phone bill was 20$ higher than usual (for base charges). I called them, and they said it was because I was no longer on contract, I was month-to-month. Say what? I've been with them for 20? 25? years, and as far as I knew, there was no lapse of contract (not even sure I was aware there was a contract, as opposed to standard charges). They found a note that I, being an old and valued customer (not quite how they phrased it) was eligible for a promotional (which they hadn't bothered to tell me about up until that very point). If I put in a 3rd phone line, my base chargers would be 35% cheaper/month, plus have more free long distance than I actually use. I wouldn't have to actually use that third line, or even connect it. Uh, okay, that makes complete sense (not), but I'm all for saving money.

3. Illness in the household. WS has been very cranky lately. Part is the "terrible twos," if such a thing actually exists. But really, really cranky past few days. Clearly sick yesterday. Took to Peds today, who found he had strep throat. Ah, the joys of kids in day care.d

4. Slowing down a bit. Things are always a bit slower mid-winter and mid-summer. More mid-winter, as the snow birds are away. Now is when it hits the slow down. (Not actually "slow," mind you, just not-constantly-frantic at work.) Snow birds are starting to leave town, and people are gearing up for the overly-busy, overly-stressed, depressing time known as "the holidays." There will be a sudden rush of people calling me just before said holidays, when they realize they've been neglecting whatever in the rush of preparations, and now-it's-urgent-and-what-do-you-mean-you're-too-busy-to-see-me. My last week is usually fille with follow-ups that I wanted to check on before I'm closed for 2 weeks, and if you were silly enough to prioritize parties and shopping over your medical problems, then said problems weren't really very urgent. (Or, as we say in the Army, "p*** poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.")

5. Speech. HF is displaying same. He's had a few scattered words for a while, but now is starting to fairly consistently string 2-5 words together. Sometimes intelligibly.

6. Renos2. Final bit of reno finished at the house. Well, never really finished, there's always something, but have installed the cabinets and connected the sink in the extension. The office renos are moving swiftly, expecting to move mid-January, reopen for business Feb 1.

7. Renos (addendum). Had to have the HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning) system rebalanced in the house. It's been installed and running, but some rooms were way too hot, and some too cold. It's really a matter of adjusting various control valves on the system to route the heat where it is more needed. The tricky part is that opening the flow to one part of the house decreases it everywhere else, so it is literally a balancing act. Couldn't really be done until the heat went on to really know where the flow had to be re-directed. Likely will have to do it again in summer when A/C comes on, but at least I now know how to do it.

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26th-Nov-2017 05:21 pm - Pretty, then not
Sword & Microscope 1
Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning, and the first thing that I heard… Oops, sorry Joni, let me try this again. Woke up, it was a Montreal morning, and the first thing that I saw, was snow outside my window. Really not much, just enough to put a light coating everywhere and look pretty. Then it melted, and we got a foretaste of spring, a.k.a. mud season.

Our driveway is especially bad as it got torn up during the renos, and didn't quite have time to put down a new one this year. Wanted to, but the contractor said it was now too late in the year, maybe could have done it if we hadn't taken so long to choose the uni-pave. Which is to say, if we'd agreed right up front with his choosing the most expensive stone, with the fancy border, and didn't haggle on the price. Anyhow, our driveway is basically mud with tiny patches of asphalt here and there. Today I found some low quality boards in the garage left over from the renos and put them down in the spots where we have to stand to get into the cars. No doubt the city will eventually declare them to be eyesores and make me take them back up, but until then they will be a help.

Much of the wood in the garage is junk, but some is the good quality old wood from the house. Having someone coming tomorrow to take a look at what is worth keeping (and maybe make something from it) and what to throw out.

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24th-Nov-2017 06:13 pm - The Rules of the Game(s)
Sword & Microscope 1

Two games the kids love to play are "Upside Down," in which Papa flips them end-over-end; and "cache-cache," which is French for "Hide & Seek."

For the former, when they were younger, I'd lie on my back with them sitting on my knees, pick them up, flip them around in mid-air, and land them past my head. They loved it; Nom would freak. Hedgefund is almost up to doing a somersault on her own, but for now, they get into head-down position (early Yoga training?) and I flip them over.

For the latter, Hedgefund takes the lead because she's older and, BTW, she can talk. She definite ideas on which came we play when, whose turn it is, and the rules on how to hide.
"Papa, you hid over there." Points to a tree, corner of the room, closet, etc.
"Over here?" I deliberately point somewhere else.
"No, there." Points again to where I'm supposed to hide.
"No, over there," in the patient voice reserved for half-witted parents who don't understand simple things like where they are supposed to hide.
I would say she's a little unclear on the concept of "hiding" and "seeking," but that seems to be how she feels about my level of understanding. *Sigh* Parents. You've got to explain the obvious to them.

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23rd-Nov-2017 12:12 pm - Happy…What's that holiday again?
Signpost Ft. Benning
Happy Thanksgiving to my family and Gentle Readers south of the border (but not south of the equator).

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Sword & Microscope 1
I usually read Hedgefund to sleep. The other night, she put her toutous on a pillow, put a blanket over them, and "read" them a story. Last night she "read" a story to Wallstreet. "Read" is in quote marks. She's three-and-a-half, she can't read. That didn't stop her at all. The two of them sat next to each other, her holding a book, and she reciting bits of stories I'd read her, and made up some things, and sang some songs. As far as both of them were concerned, she was reading to him, and they both loved it.
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19th-Nov-2017 08:53 am - Rainy Pre-Dawn Darkness
Sword & Microscope 1
Woke up too early again today. Have been doing that for quite some time now. End up falling asleep before Hedgefund, then wake up an hour later, finish putting her to bed, then put myself to bed... then wake up too early. Repeat cycle. Most days just read or fart around on the internet. Yesterday I went down to the basement and exercised. Still rather pathetic in terms of actual exercise, but at least sometimes doing some.

This morning went to my tablinum and got to work on some talks I have to write. I'm revising the 2nd year teaching to make it more useful. I'm really behind on this and under a lot of time pressure. I was going to do this this past summer, "after we finished renovating and moved into the new house." Yeah, right. Then I started the office renovations. Really, I'm sure I'm going to be able to have a few minutes to breathe, for the first time in 3-4 years, no later than this spring.

Anyhow, up before dawn, a rainy day, but very dramatic and slightly mysterious view through the windows. You're looking through the windows, across our porch, onto the street (the blurry light is a street light), and to the houses across the way. It's one of the cosiest feelings, being in a comfortable chair in a comfortable room, looking out at the rain, on a picturesque street.

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